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Troubles with Storytelling and Advice on How to Solve your Problems

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Troubles with Storytelling and Advice on How to Solve your Problems

Post by StormKat31 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:27 am

Troubles with Storytelling and Advice on How to Solve your Problems

I wrote this topic in a thread on the Creation Asylum.net Forum

This is for Newbs.

We all have troubles from time to time when we are Newbies on any Rpg Maker system.
We have trouble coming up with a good storyline or even a Legendary epic.
So, you are there in the presence of your keyboard and computer with whatever Rpg Maker system you have up on your screen.

Then you have a brain fart.

Suppose you are dying to get this game out and you want to be recognized as the next best storyteller,
but you don't have any good ideas, because of all of the cliches are being written.

Just about all of the ideas are being thrown out there and tooken up by somebody else

Now you're frustrated and you don't know what t do and don't know who or what to turn to for help.

Well, look at it like a screenwriter, or a novelists point of view.

They usually turn towards research. So here's what you do as a storyteller.

My advice is watch the News, what's going on in your local area? Read the newspaper more often or go to Yahoo! News.

Maybe a murder took place in your City? Or, perhaps a scandal is going on with Celebrities?

A robbery took place? Read Star magazine, Fox News has alot of resources, CNN is a good place to go. Your local News channel.

The incident that took place with the Joran Van Der Sloot murder case, that's going on the News here recently. Research that.

Go to Wikipedia and research old folk tales, like Werewolves, not the Manga kind. Just do some research into history of America dealing with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Egyptians, on how the Pharaohs first came into existence.

All kinds of stories that revolve around history and the Media, becarful of who and what you write about, it might offend some of the people of today.

Research is always a good starting point.

Good luck on your next story.

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