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Black Silhouette Development

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Black Silhouette Development Empty Black Silhouette Development

Post by rgangsta on Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:53 am

The story is still being worked on.

Dennis Kage is a detective who gets mixed up in a conspiracy way over his head. It first starts out with a drug case he's been on for 3 months. After tracking many drug dealers, he gets a tip from his superior about a drug deal that's going to happen. When Dennis arrives, he finds out that an assassins was supposed to receive the drugs and was going to plant the drugs in a pharmaceutical center. Dennis brings the drugs back to his headquarters for further analysis. As he tries to figure out what the plan was for the drugs, he is targeted by the assassin group who he intercepted the drugs from.
Now Dennis must find out who they are, what the drugs are for, and why they were going to be placed in a pharmaceutical center.


  • Dennis Kage
    The main character. He has an encounter with an elite assassin then becomes one in order to take them down.
  • Kimura
    Chief of the secret police. He provides Dennis with information on missions.
  • Tariq
    Expert gunsmith and item crafter. He'll help develop varieties of weapons and items for missions.
  • Benny
    The scientist. His job is to assist in upgrading your stealth suit and upgrade "SKILLS" and "ACTIONS".
  • Yun
    A member of the Asura Assassins. She later helps Dennis take them down. Sister to Herring.
  • Alice
    Her father was murdered by a Yakuza kingpin connected to the Asura. She tries to take revenge on him by killing him.
  • Herring
    A member of the Asura and brother of Yun. He was involved in a major war, leaving his body mostly damaged. He survives by a special suit designed by the Asura.
  • Brian
    Member of the Asura. Info will be added later.
  • Kara
    Member of the Asura. Info will be added later.


  • Achievements
    Achievements are unlocked throughout missions of free roaming. By unlocking some achievements, you
    can unlock extra missions and equipment.
  • Upgrading
    At the upgrading station, you can upgrade "SKILLS" and "ACTIONS" for combat using Upgrade Points.
  • Crafting
    You will be able to craft items at the crafting station. Before you can craft items, you need
    to learn how to make them first.
  • Books
    Just as in everyday life, books will teach you how to make weapons and items. Still writing in the pages.

Interactive Environment
Black Silhouette Development 9iejk7Black Silhouette Development 239e9Black Silhouette Development NnliqtBlack Silhouette Development 55jsx3

  • Hiding in Shadows
    Hiding in shadows makes it hard for enemies to see you, even in "ALERT" phase. The shadows will come in handy
    if you don't want to enter into uneccessary battles.
  • Picking up Objects
    There will be obstacles that will block your path. Simply lifting them up and setting them down somewhere else
    will solve the problem.
  • Running
    Running cuts the time to get to certain points in half. Taking a running start before jumping gives an extra jumping
  • Jumping
    When obstacles can't be moved, jumping over them can get you where you need to be.
  • Wall Hanging
    Hanging off of ledges can get you passed obstacles and enemies. Look out for climbable ledges.
  • Grappling
    When there's a large distance between your current position and a platform, you can use the grappling to grab
    an obstacle and pull yourself forward. Enemies are also grab-able. The grappling hook will either pull you to
    an enemy or pull the enemy to you.
  • Running Bash
    At some points, there will be walls or cracks that can be broken by running into it causing it to break. These will sometimes
    lead to treasures. Enemies will be bash-able too. This is still work in progress.

Black Silhouette Development M8k7ma

  • The HUD
    The HUD will show your current HP, SP, CHARGE, and additional information used for combat.
  • Suit Capabilities
    When acquired, the suit can have "ITEMS", "SKILLS", and "ACTIONS" equipped. Further explained in the game.
  • "ALERT" Phase
    The alert phase is triggered when your disguise is blown or have been spotted by an enemy. Hiding in shadows or on ledges
    can keep you out of the enemy's field of vision.
  • Enemies
    Enemies will usually patrol areas. Using a disguise or hiding in shadows can get you passed them.
    Basic enemies can be easily killed if they are not alerted.
  • Boss Battles
    Bosses will have an "ARGO BAR". This bar determines when the boss will use an attack or take time to heal.
    The bar fills up every time you hit the enemy. If timed correctly, you can find openings in the bosses'
    attacks during this time. Still working on the healing part.

Screenshots, Concept Art and Trailer

  • Screenshots
    These modules are still being set up.

    Black Silhouette Development M8fw2f The HUD
    Black Silhouette Development X2jnli Reading Books
    Black Silhouette Development 166hykw Missions Selection
    Black Silhouette Development 2i222q1 Storing and Withdrawing Equipment
    Black Silhouette Development N3r8d4 SKILLS , ACTIONS, and SUIT upgrades.
    Black Silhouette Development 5kj51y Gallery for viewing Concept Art
    Black Silhouette Development 517g92 Wearing Janitor Disguise
    Black Silhouette Development 7096ys Exploring the Sewers
    Black Silhouette Development 11gnaee Crafting Items
    Black Silhouette Development 2s6pyli View Equipment already unlocked
    Black Silhouette Development 1zvfubc Achievements

  • Concept Art
    All characters in order according to the characters list...except for Benny who is a WIP.

    Black Silhouette Development 358xo5y Dennis
    Black Silhouette Development Qs1k6w Kimura
    Black Silhouette Development K9xfns Tariq
    Black Silhouette Development 2h5pi5c Yun
    Black Silhouette Development 15oxeaa Alice
    Black Silhouette Development 207kmf8 Herring
    Black Silhouette Development Vxi887 Brian
    Black Silhouette Development 2v0iuzk Kara
    Black Silhouette Development 30rntli Weapons and Equipment

  • Trailer
    This trailer is extremely old.


Project FURY

The credits list is looong. I'll have to edit this later.

  • Exokopaka and Dra90boi
  • Ice Dragon
  • Woratana
  • Moghunter

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