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Hello DreamCore ppl

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Hello DreamCore ppl Empty Hello DreamCore ppl

Post by ShinGamix on Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:09 pm

I am new here. I am called ShinGamix. You may have seen me around RPG Revolution and or RPG Makervx.net and a few other places too. I came here to DreamCore to find out what is really happening to my favorite (non-Mine) project Valkyrie Chronicles. Over at net and Revolution the admin thinks this project is dead in the water, forgotten and they closed most of the topics to it because Hanzo has been missing for some time now.
Dear Hanzo please let us ALL know what is going on with VC! If you are to busy, troubled, sick, or anything else please just tell us over at those two sites and if you need any or all help, I am even willing to put my project on hold to help VC so I can FINALLY play it.
If that is not possible and Valkyrie Chronicles isn't going to be ever done. (NO!!) Can we at least have the demo of what you got done?
or at least access to those tilesets. (I missed out on them and I in no way shape or form wana steal your game.) I just want to play it.

Edit/ps-- prayers for Hanzo and his family through the quake,tsunamis and mother nature.

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Hello DreamCore ppl Empty Re: Hello DreamCore ppl

Post by rgangsta on Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:09 am

Hey, buddy. I, too, want to know how VC is going.

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