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Hi the dream core Empty Hi the dream core

Post by Thømas on Sat May 14, 2011 1:30 am

Hi ! I'm Thømas and I'm a french maker. I'd realy loved Hanzo Kimura's current projet : Valkyrie stories by his gameplay and mapping. I wanted to say you that all this production does is great. About be... So I'm french and I speak english quite well. I'm 14 and I make an RPG-M VX project named : Oudrique chronicles. The demo's will be translated in english because I think it could be fun to do that ^^
Exepted that, I a designer and more presisely a spriter. I don't realy do pixel art ; I assemble different parts of character, I recolore them... I use photoshop to do maps by parallax (thanks to celianna for her tuto ^^) and fore Maint Titles, game overs or pictures for my game.


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